Phenomenological research suggests that pure manic and depressive states are less common than mixtures of the two and that the two poles of mood are characterized by opposite ways of experiencing time. In mania, the subjective experience of time is sped up and in depression it is slowed down, perhaps reflecting differences in circadian pathophysiology. The two classic mood states are also quite different in their effect on subjective awareness: manic patients lack insight into their excitation, while depressed patients are quite insightful into their unhappiness. Consequently, insight plays a major role in overdiagnosis of unipolar depression and misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. The phenomenology of depression also is relevant to types of psychotherapies used to treat it. The depressive realism DR model, in contrast to the cognitive distortion model, appears to better apply to many persons with mild to moderate depressive syndromes. I suggest that existential psychotherapy is the necessary corollary of the DR model in those cases. Further, some depressive morbidities may in fact prove, after phenomenological study, to involve other mental states instead of depression. The chronic subsyndromal depression that is often the long-term consequence of treated bipolar disorder may in fact represent existential despair, rather than depression proper, again suggesting intervention with existential psychotherapeutic methods.

An Army adrift

The Army chief defended his decision to write the letter, saying it was part of an ongoing process to update the Centre. Mumbai: Army chief General VK Singh today described as “tragic” the leakage of his letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh highlighting major “shortcomings” in the defence preparedness of the country and said the communication was part of an ongoing process.

General VK Singh. Image courtesy PIB. The Army chief defended his decision to write the letter, saying it was part of an ongoing process to update the Centre on the defence preparedness of the country.

associated with mitochondrial function ( to-date) [52, 53] although only around VK. Targeted exome sequencing of suspected mitochondrial disorders.

Within Book. Sternberg, R. Ed , Ambrose, D. Ed Available Formats: Hardcover eBook. Hocken, K. Ed , Lievesley, R. Ed , Winder, B. Ed , Swaby, H. Ed , Blagden, N. Ed , Banyard, P. Bager-Charleson, S.

Self-inflicted in an existential crisis

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able against V K-only attack, but existentially forgeable against V K-only attack. universal unforgeability against V K-only attack implies existential forgery date.​4 Thus, in practice, scheme secure in the RO model, are.

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Interested in blogging for timesofindia. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. So into the clink he goes. Retired air chief Tyagi. Narendra Modi is taking his war against corruption to new heights. Since VP Malik claimed faux victory at Kargil, one chief or the other has been caught out. Only a media storm compelled them to give them up.


GHC Language Features. Concurrent and Parallel Haskell. They can all be enabled or disabled by command line flags or language pragmas. By default GHC understands the most recent Haskell version it supports, plus a handful of extensions. Some of the Glasgow extensions serve to give you access to the underlying facilities with which we implement Haskell. Thus, you can get at the Raw Iron, if you are willing to write some non-portable code at a more primitive level.

Read more about Railways’ existential dilemma: Fare hike, rejig proposal spark Recently, V K Yadav, Railway board chairman, pointed to the.

Fearing that then army head General V. Singh had ordered two army units to move towards the national capital New Delhi on the night of January , with an ulterior motive, a panicked Indian government ordered the exercise immediately be terminated and the soldiers involved returned to their barracks. Singh was scheduled to file an unprecedented Supreme Court challenge to his forced retirement from his army command.

The Indian Express , which first broke the story about the January , movement of a mechanized infantry battalion and an elite paratrooper brigade, recently published an interview with a top army officer that confirms there was indeed great concern in the top leadership of the Congress Party-led government because the exercise had not been given the requisite Defense Ministry approval.

During his tenure as army head, Singh repeatedly publicly clashed with the government. Last but not least, there was the dispute over his birth date, which determined the date of his mandatory retirement as army chief. While the government has ensured that pivotal facts surrounding the unauthorized Jan. Singh wanted to send the government a signal by sending troops on maneuvers without seeking Defence Ministry approval.

When the Indian Express first published its sensational report of how the government was spooked by the unauthorized troop movement, Defense Minister A.

Leakage of letter to PM tragic: VK Singh

Humanity is at a turning point. For the first time in history, we have the technology to completely obliterate ourselves. Humanity could erase itself with a nuclear war or a poorly designed AI, or we could colonize space and expand life throughout the universe: As a species, our future has never been more open-ended. The potential for disaster is often more visible than the potential for triumph, so as we prepare for , we want to talk about existential hope, and why we should actually be more excited than ever about the future.

ganism meeting an existential environmental threat by repurpos- ing a genetic trait used earlier in its evolution. In this case, the utility of lipids.

Switch to English sign up. Phone or email. Don’t remember me. Lopez Jr. Is our inevitable death bad? Would immortality be better? Should we hasten our deaths by taking our own lives in acts of suicide? Many people ask these big questions and many are plagued by them. Surprisingly few analytic philosophers have spoken to these important questions. When they have engaged the big existential questions they have tended, like more popular writers, to offer comforting, optimistic answers.

The Human Predicament offers a less sanguine assessment. David Benatar invites readers to take a clear-eyed view of our situation, defending a substantial, but not unmitigated, pessimism about human life. Benatar argues that while our lives can have some meaning, cosmically speaking we are ultimately the insignificant beings that we often fear we are.


A person walking through a Cineplex theatre in Toronto, Dec. This movie sucks. We all want the end credits roll; we all want to come back to reality.

It is well-known that the existential theory of equations in free groups is decidable​. Moreover, u2 is a suffix of w1 and vk−1 is a prefix of wk. results date back to the year ) it is shown in [8] that the existential theory of equations in graph.

Click on image for details. The articles that appeared in Indian Journal of Psychiatry were related to different areas of psychotherapy. Case reports dealt with a wide variety of cases. The review papers focused on the suitability of psychotherapy in the Indian context, different approaches in psychotherapy, psychotherapy training and supervision.

Psychotherapy has been viewed very close to faith orientation. There were attempts to identify the indigenous concepts that are applicable to psychotherapy. Empirical studies are low in number. Concerted effort is needed to generate interest in psychotherapy, conduct more research on evidence-based therapies as well as on psychotherapeutic process variables. Correspondence Address : L. Ahead of Print.

Existentialism… against traditional metaphysics

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sort of existential horizon for the future Russian cultural development. This tradition – However, this date is obviously V.K.]. It must necessarily occupy its place there, and if it does not deserve to be a role model, then it should be a rejection.

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Between Esotericism and Existentialism: Recent Israeli Writing On R. Nachman Of Breslov

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Abstract. It is well-known that the existential theory of equations in free groups is Moreover, u2 is a suffix of w1 and vk−1 is a prefix of wk. Assume Theorem 5 of this paper (the results date back to the year ) it is shown.

After a bizarre power struggle, the AfD stands in front of a pile of broken glass. Despite falling poll numbers, the party should not write off anyone. It is not long ago that the largest opposition party in the Bundestag formulated a self-assured goal: at the party conference at the end of November, the AfD declared itself capable of governing, inspired by high poll values. But just four months later, he and his party are standing in a heap of broken pieces. And Meuthen himself is currently facing the sudden end of his political career.

The punching and stabbing that is happening right-wing populists is unprecedented. The volte impressively made it clear that the party does not want to seriously stop the radicals in its own ranks, but wants to integrate them. That was too little even for the party leader. He is rightly concerned about the closeness to right-wing radicals that discourage middle-class voters.

The AfD could lose even more in polls. Meuthen failed miserably. His overwhelming opponents in the party leadership launched a call for party unity. The humiliation of a party leader can hardly be any clearer.

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Stealth is the defining attribute of fifth-generation fighter aircraft and it has a two-fold appeal. First, stealth aircraft are far less vulnerable to engagement by hostile interceptors and If there is one challenge that stares insurmountably in the face of Air Defence warriors today, it is the challenge of sustaining and keeping alive, guns, missiles, sensors and Battle Management The threat posed by drones has been acknowledged from the time the first drone took to the air.

Efforts have been made ever since to counter the slow, low flying objects, if not to shoot them

nobs-vk. Documentation · Repository · Dependent crates. Existential questions; Dokumentation; Setup Date, , 7-day avg. ​

Consequently, society turned to the antihero to fulfill their craving for a realistic human hero, one capable of achieving goodness but flawed, such as any human being. Although they were not philosophical thinkers of the same vein as Kierkegaard or Nietzsche, American authors created the existential novel by the late s, which motivated the French existential thinkers Jean-Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir to embrace the novel as a valid vehicle for conveying their ideas Bruneau 66, Consequently, in that present moment, individuals are not truly being because that present existence depends upon the past.

Instead, one merely performs an inauthentic lifestyle. According to the thinking of Heidegger and Satre, angst, or anxiety, is a mood into which one falls in accompaniment with self-understanding and an awareness of individual freedom Crowell. Separated from his or her factic self, the individual is released from any roles and practices that are societal constructs, and rather than possessing an external facticity, the individual sees himself or herself in the first-person.

If one chooses to transcend what is, his or her project becomes self- definition, which may take on different forms including the withdrawal into self or the desire to aid society, as seen in many antiheroes. Trough the project, the person alone, apart from any other entity, must make choices concerning his or her morality and mode of existence. Te individual can behave however he or she chooses, and thus, no universal moral code exists; rather, a personal moral code exists within each being de Beauvoir.

A direct side-effect of anxiety and despair is solipsism. While solipsism can vary in form, ranging from arrogant self-absorption to alienation, the form that is relevant to the study of existential antiheroes is that which results in the freed, self-recognizing individual retreating into himself or herself due to the anxiety surrounding their present freedom.

However, the social marginality is self-imposed due to their existential, self-identifying choice. Te end of the war implies that he has realized his freedom; but his castration, a direct effect and constant reminder of the war, signifies that, while he is free, he has entered a state of despair with its subsequent feeling of nothingness. He realizes that despite his newly found freedom, he can never contribute anything of value to society because he does not align with its construct of masculinity.

Dissident & Cyberworm “Entracte Endless” (official video)